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Interested in Volunteering?


Advocacy Shetland is looking to recruit volunteers to augment the service they provide to people around Shetland. This is a great opportunity for anyone interested in helping those who are vulnerable and find it difficult expressing their needs, desires, and hopes. There are also benefits for you when it comes to volunteering.

Volunteer Case Workers

As a volunteer case worker you would be providing indepentent advocacy for service users, covering a wide range if feilds. The following are some areas in which we provide independent advocacy services:

Housing and homelssness

Mental Health issues

Social work issues

Community care

Residential care

Transitioning between hospital, residential care, and home

Benefits and/or financial issues

Personal Qualities

The following are a list of personal qualities we are looking for in a volunteer case worker:

A knowledge of health and social care services, both voluntary and statutory

Knowledge/ experience of working with people with health and/ or social care issues

An understanding of Independent advocacy principles

A belief in the ethics of advocacy

To have good negotiating skills

An ability to handle challenging situations whilst remaining non-judgmental and loyal to the service user

An ability to communicate with people of various ages and abilities

Ability to demonstrate a responsible outlook and a calm reasoned approach

Have a full driving licence and car

Be able to commit a minimum of 4 hours per week and be reasonably flexible with days and times of work