Can we help you?

Do you need help to

  • Be Heard?

  • Know your options?

  • Understand your rights?

Then call use on 01595 743929 or e-mail for free, confidential and independent advice.

If we are not the best people provide support to you with an issue we can offer advice or signpost you to other services or organisations that may be able to help with your issue.

The type of advocacy we cover:

  • Mental Health
  • Learning Disability & Autism
  • Children & Families
  • Adult Support & Protection
  • Housing/homelessness
  • Older adults
  • Physical Disabilities

We can also help with:

  • Transition from hospital back into the
  • Families at risk
  • Self-Directed Support
  • Access to Legal Assistance?
  • Education issues
  • And much more…

General Information

We are an independent, confidential, free service aiming to support and empower people to have their voices heard. We listen to you, and assist you to have your views and options heard when dealing with various organisations.

Dementia Advocacy

It is important that people living with Dementia have access to Independent Advocacy services so that they can be enabled, with the support of their family and/or carers, to make decisions about their future care by having their voice heard and their views represented.

Learning Disability, Autism & Asperger’s

We are an independent, confidential and free service who can support and empower you. We take action to help people to say what they want, secure their rights, represent their interests & access the services they need. If you or a family member have a learning disability or are on the autistic spectrum we can provide support to understand your views and help you communicate these to the people who provide services or make decisions that affect you.

Criminal Justice Advocacy

It is important that people with convictions have access to Independent Advocacy so that they can be enabled to overcome their past difficulties and hopefully make a positive contribution to society in future. Advocacy Shetland provide a free, independent and confidential service to people who find themselves within the Criminal Justice System.

Mental Health Advocacy

Mental Health legislation includes the rights of individuals to have access to an Independent Advocate. This may be support in accessing services, attending appointments and helping you represent your views.

Where individuals need to undertake a review of a statutory mental health order we can meet with you, discuss the process and your views and support you by attending reviews with you.

The Advocacy worker was at all times professional, caring and very supportive. They put me at ease. They were a godsend.

Without Advocacy help and assistance things would have taken a lot longer to happen and it was made easier to deal with things.

When I contacted Advocacy Shetland I felt a lot better knowing someone would be there if I needed it and they gave me useful information.