Case Studies

Case Studies (To maintain client confidentiality, all names have been changed)

Adult Support and Protection Case

Advocacy Shetland received a referral from SIC Social Work Department, asking if we could provide an advocate for a lady who had become the subject of an Adult Support and Protection Hearing, following a disclosure to her G.P. The lady, Joan, has cerebral palsy, and is looked after by her husband and carer, Sam, who was the suspected perpetrator. Arrangements were made for an advocate to meet Joan, who was brought to the venue by her social worker. Later in the same day, the social worker called again, asking if there was another advocate available, as the Sam had asked for the services of an independent advocate as well. Arrangements were made so that both clients were allocated advocates, and the hearing went ahead the following week.

During the hearing, both clients were given the opportunity to have time out with their advocates as they wished and needed, and at the lunch break, Joan was given additional one-to-one time with her advocate to help her understand the process so far, and to ascertain what it was she would like to say. When the meeting reconvened, the chair was able to ask Joan’s advocate what her wishes were, and when these were stated to the room, Joan was able to indicate in person that these were indeed her wishes. The chair took that into account, and stated to the meeting, that because the process involving Independent Advocacy had been utilised, it had made the process much more effective than a hearing based on paper statements alone.

Child Protection Case

The mother in this case (Jenny) was referred to Advocacy Shetland by the Staff Nurse in the Maternity ward of the local hospital, as the Social Work department indicated they wished to put an order on the unborn baby, and Jenny was currently being monitored in hospital, due to her diabetes. Advocacy Shetland agreed to attend, and visited Jenny in hospital, and supported her at subsequent meetings with Social Work until she went to Aberdeen to have the baby.

Domestic Abuse

The husband of the partnership (James) came to Advocacy Shetland asking for help, as his wife had taken the children and left the family home, saying he was being abusive to her and the children. She had reported him to the police, and the case had been to court, but had been thrown out by the Sheriff, who stated the wife had proved to be an unreliable witness. This had left James with a criminal record, and a complaint that he wished to make because of the way he had been treated by the Northern Constabulary. Advocacy proceeded to do some research into James’ Rights for the situation he found himself in. Assistance was given in helping him to make approaches to his local MSP, and help given in putting together what he wanted to say in a letter to the Chief Inspector of Northern Constabulary.